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Our services

  • Olive Oil Acidity                                       (CEE Nº 2568/91 Anex II)
  • Olive Oil Peroxide Number                         (CEE Nº 2568/91 Anex III)
  • Olive Oil Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry         (K270, K232 y Delta K)(CEE Nº 2568/91 Anex IX)
  • Olive Oil Moisture and Impurities                 (UNE Nº 55020 & UNE Nº 55002)
  • Olive Oil Useful fat                                    (UNE Nº 55002)
  • Olive Oil Sensory Analysis (Panel Test according to COI Regulations)
  • Olive Oil WAX Chromatography                  (CEE Nº 2568/91 Anex IV)
  • Olive Oil ALKYL ESTERS Chromatography      (CEE Nº 2568/91 Anex XX)
  • Olive Oil ERYTHRODIOL + UVAOL Chromatography   (CEE Nº 2568/91 Anex VI)
  • Olive Oil STEROLS Chromatography                         (CEE Nº 2568/91 Anex V)
  • Olive Oil ALIPHATIC ALCOHOLS Chromatography     (CEE Nº 2568/91 Anex XIX)
  • Olive Oil STIGMASTADIENE Chromatography           (CEE nº 2568/91 Anex XVII)
  • Olive Oil FATTY ACIDS Chromatography                  (CEE Nº 2568/91 Anex X)
  • Olive Oil TRILINOLEIN                                          (CEE Nº 2568/91 Anex XVIII)
  • Olive Oil ECN-42 Difference                                 (CEE Nº 2568/91 Anex XVIII)
  • Purity criteria in seed oils
  • Oil and water content in oilseeds and olive pomace cakes
  • Oil content in waste waters
  • Identification and composition of lipids used in margarines and vegetable fats
  • Extraction and quality control of lipids in foods
  • Quality of frying and used frying oils
  • Consulting on production processes and machinery
  • Consulting on packaging and distribution best practice


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